What to Do with Your July Fourth Fireworks Pictures?

What to Do with Your July Fourth Fireworks Pictures?

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Photo Credit: David Manuel

You had a blast at the Fourth of July parties, watching fireworks, recording fun videos, uploading fun fireworks pictures to social media, but now what do you do with all these memories?

If you were lucky enough to get great photos of the fireworks, how do you turn these memories into a keepsake now? There are many different ideas out there about turning holiday events and memories into craft ideas. How about a new unique idea, that you may not have heard of before.

Don’t just let the photos sit on your phone or in email somewhere for you to eventually forget about them. Wow, that night of fun sure did go by fast, and so can the memories, jokes, laughs, and stories.

Save your Photos in a Time Capsule

What are some of your family traditions you want to keep alive, that you do together every Independence Day? While out watching the fireworks, I saw grills, bonfires, guitars playing, smores being made (yum), kites flown, kids running around, families laughing and playing games, picnic blankets, etc. After you get done sharing these memories all over Facebook, You Tube, Google, or Twitter, then what do you do? You make a July Fourth time capsule to open one year later at your next family get-together, or whenever you choose, to reminisce. Besides, for some people opening a time capsule next year, will give new meaning to “Christmas in July.”

Put your photos on colorful scrapbook pages, or other colorful paper, but whatever you do, save them in a time capsule so you are reminded to look at them again, instead of forgetting about them years later. You could also create a time line of your fun filled weekend to save in a time capsule of each photo in order. Also have family and friends write up a short letter about what their favorite activity or story heard during the fourth of July.

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Other Things to Save from your Fourth of July in a Time Capsule

You want to save as much as you can to put yourself back in the experience you had this special day.

• Make sure to save all your ticket stubs or wrist bands worn at special events you attended on July fourth, as memorabilia that will have special meaning years later.

• Save your wrappers from your favorite American snacks you always eat on your July Fourth holiday.

• Write down you favorite songs you listened to during this time of year, which were popular.

• Save the copy of the all of the signatures of the fire men, who came out to put the fire in the woods out, which your child started with a bottle rocket. I promise, you will laugh at it years later when you open your time capsule.

• You can also save your memorial commemorative T-shirt from this year’s July fourth celebration.

• Save your kid’s toys won at fair games, the homemade ice cream or good old American burger recipe your relative made, hand held flag, and your patriotic confetti used for your party tables.

• Last, but not least if only you could save that left over firework smoke smell in a bottle. Just kidding, it would never save, let alone how would you capture it?

What would you save in your July Fourth Time Capsule? Comment below.

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