Top 6 Reasons to Make a Time Capsule

Top 6 Reasons to Make a Time Capsule

What to Save in a Time Capsule

Let’s discover the top 6 reasons to make a time capsule. Have you ever wondered what life was like for your long lost great grandfather’s father? What was his name? What was his life like?

1. It brings you back to your roots. Don’t you ever wonder where your family quirkiness comes from? Have you ever wondered why you eat your Oreo cookie or sandwich the way you do? How many of your habits are learned form your parents versus nature or nurture? A time capsule is something fun to make and find out a lot about your background at the same time.

2. You won’t have to remember all those important dates at the doctor’s office when you go. Make sure to write down when you had all your shots as a baby, so you won’t have to get them again when you are older.

3. You can record all your favorite family or t.v. sayings that are popular during this year. Imagine opening your own time capsule 30 or 50 years from now and seeing those words again. What a fun laugh and memory. I remember when someone in my family spilled something on accident we would always say “Did I do that?” like the Steve Urkel character on the hit tv show at the time, Family Matters. Who remembers that show? Ah, memories.

What a great laugh it would be as you remember these old t.v. shows. What are some of your family jokes or sayings you would keep in your time capsule to pass on to your children?

Reasons to make a time capsule - Steve Urkel

4. Let your child know how much you really did love them, when they were a baby. How many hours did you stay up with them each night when they were first born? What were some of your tricks or tips that helped keep you awake? What foods did your baby spit out and not like? It would be interesting if your baby now eats those foods, as an adult, 30 years later.

5. I remember sitting in my history class bored out of my mind. If we made a time capsule while learning, I may have enjoyed history a little more. It is important to learn from you past history, so we do not make the same mistakes twice. Make learning fun. Make a time capsule today, here.

6. How else do you keep your memories alive? Help future generations know who their grandparents and great grandparents are. We recently heard a testimony from one of our fans about their 16 year old child now opening their own Baby Time Capsule and reading letters from their great grandfather who is no longer alive, and she had never met. Talk about a tear-jerker moment for the whole family. This is what the time capsule is all about.

Can you imagine what this child’s grandfather wrote her on the “Message to the Future” letter? Priceless.

For more ideas of what to save in your own time capsule check out these ideas.

So what do you wish you knew about your great grandfather? Share below.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie