Time Capsule Baby Shower Game

Time Capsule Baby Shower Game


    Are you looking for fun, unique games to play at your baby shower? I know this will be one you have never heard of, because I dreamed about it the other night, as I am getting excited to be a part of my sister-in-laws baby shower soon.

    This is a great baby shower game that may take a couple of days or hours to set up, but a game that will be memorable. You will end up wanting to play this at every baby shower you go to after doing this. It is so unique.

    Items Needed and Steps to Do this Memorable Game:

    • Baby Time Capsule from https://www.timecapsule.com/product/babystimecapsule/.

    • Photos of the husband and wife showing different places they have visited or things they have done together.

    • If you start this game before the baby shower event, make sure to send out RSVP cards along with instructions of how to play the game. Also be sure to ask each guest to bring one item, like newspaper clippings, headlines from popular magazines, current CD’s and popular music of the day, trends, coins, baby books or lists of popular baby names of this year, to put in the baby time capsule. Then when at the baby shower, you can have a show and tell time, about what item your brought and why or what is the special meaning behind it for this year when the baby is being born.

    • Make sure you save your gas receipt as you are driving around finding your geocache, so you can show how the prices of gas, when the child was born. Won’t that be interesting to read 20 years from now.

    • Blank note cards to write clues on, directing someone to the next clue.

    • Have several Easter eggs or something small to put your geocache items in, then hide them throughout your building or the yard where you are hosting the baby shower. You could even have the guests start the game before arriving at the baby shower, and visit favorite places, restaurants, stores, etc of where the happy couple first met, went on a date, first kissed, etc to find geocache clues to lead to the next clue or place to collect an item. Then as they collect each item, have them bring them to their end location of this geocache scavenger hunt and put the items in the Baby Time Capsule. Then the host can wrap the time capsule as a gift for the guest of honor (pregnant mother) to open. What a way to be a part of this child’s life story, before he or she is even born.

    Baby Shower Geocache Game -1

    • Put clues in the small geocache containers, along with strings attached to the coordinating picture of the couple. Bring the pictures and the item found in each geocache container to the baby shower.

    • You could have clues lead the guests to baby stores to collect or buy a baby item, or lead them to places like the park, to take a picture of themselves as guests coming to the baby shower. The ideas are endless of where to hide the geocache clues. For example, you could have one clue saying something like, “it is where you will be changing your diapers when shopping and where __________ (insert the name of who the baby shower is for) used to work.” Then you would drive to the store of where she worked, and look in the bathroom for the next clue.

    • Make sure to have each guest at the baby shower, fill out a “Message to the Future” letter with predictions, advice, tips, or funny stories to share with the future child to be born. What a special moment it will be when the baby opens their time capsule (like when he or she graduates high school), and reads all these treasured letters from each of you from the baby shower. You could also record a video on You Tube or burn a CD with audio messages from family and friends, for the baby to watch or listen to years later. Now that will be a sweet and sentimental moment to preserve forever. For a FREE Printable to use to fill out Predictions or Wishes for Baby, check out http://www.ucreateparties.com/2012/03/free-printable-baby-shower-game.html

    Baby Shower Geocache Game -2

    • The last clue will lead to the building where you are having the baby shower, or the main place where you are hiding the Baby Time Capsule in the building (if you are keeping all your clues in the same building).

    • Then put all your items collected in the Baby Time Capsule and have the host wrap the time capsule as a present to give to the new mommy to be.

    • This is one activity or game at a baby shower, that is sure to bring back happy memories of this day for years into the future.

    • When this perfect baby shower gift is opened by the soon mother to be, then she can add other items from the first year of the baby’s life, like their first baby pacifier, hospital bills, list of baby birth details like time born and weight, security blanket, and other keepsake photos from milestone moments of the first year. Then, years later in the future (like when the child graduates high-school), he or she will open their very own Baby Time Capsule. What a memorable moment that will be.

    Start this fun activity now, and order your decorative Baby Time Capsule from https://www.timecapsule.com/product/babystimecapsule/. What do you wish your mother saved in a Baby Time Capsule for you? Comment below.

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