Romantic Promise Ring Ideas

Romantic Promise Ring Ideas

Romantic Promise Ring Ideas

As I continue our story of meeting the love of my life, we will share in the end a truly romantic way to give a promise ring.

Over the next few weeks, I would pick up Marcie (my future wife) on Friday evenings and bring her to Indianapolis.  Each weekend we spent together brought us closer.  Each weekend she spent with me over the next month, she was snowed in!  In Indiana, where we are located, it is uncommon to have so many snow storms back-to-back!  Especially storms that are bad enough to prevent travel.  Yet, somehow, this particular winter, it happened . . . weekend, after weekend, after weekend.  Five weeks in a row!

By this time, Marcie was my girlfriend.  She was the most amazing girl I had ever met.  By April, I had decided that I wanted to marry this girl, but I wasn’t ready to ask!  Our relationship was progressing, but I didn’t want to scare her away.  As a Real Estate Agent, I was showing houses to a couple of friends that were recently married.  Their names were John and Mel.  By this time, they were looking at building a new home, so I was showing them several model homes in the morning and had planned to meet Holly (my other good friend) that afternoon.  Marcie knew that we were going to go to “look at promise rings,” but she did not have the whole plan!

The night before, Mel, Holly, John, myself, and several other friends had found the promise ring that I wanted to give her.  After purchasing it, we all went to the Build-A-Bear store and made a beautiful Teddy Bear in my own image.  (The teddy bear was dressed in a polo shirt and khaki shorts as I would wear.  He even had a top-of-the-line flip phone, just like the one that I was currently using.)  I named the bear Te ‘Ama, which means ‘I love you.’  Holly helped me make the bear and Mel photographed the occasion.  On the way out of the mall, with the ring, I happened to see a small stuffed bear, wearing a tuxedo.  I thought this would make a great place to put the ring until I presented it to Marcie.  Later that evening, I used the photos to make a “Baby Book” for Te ‘Ama.

The stage was set.  The plan was in motion.  Now it was time to execute the whole thing.  John, Mel, Marcie, and I all went and looked at several houses.  We found several things they liked, and several things they didn’t.  Once finished, John and Mel went their own way, and Marcie and I met Holly at the jewelry store.  The three of us went in and spent about an hour looking at rings.  I kept saying things like, “do you like this kind” and “what do you think of this?”  The funniest part was knowing that the ring and both bears were laying undiscovered by her in my van.

As we were leaving, we said goodbye to Holly and returned to my van.  In my van, we began to have a conversation.  That conversation ended with me surprising her with the small bear that had the ring on his arm.  She was shocked and speechless, but happy.  As I put the promise ring on her finger, I made her a promise to respect her and to move us toward a married life together.

We went to dinner together and had some really great conversation.  I was falling in love with this girl a little more every moment.

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What would you give a promise ring for? Comment below.

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