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There is Truth in Testimonials

Who did we go to talk to when we were teenager? Our peers or close friends. Those we know, like, and trust are those who can be counted on for honest answers. As we get older, it is similar, when it comes to purchasing products or using services.

I recently debated about who should cut my hair. It is a very difficult decision for a girl, especially if you have experienced a bad haircut from someone you do not even know. That is when I advise to ask your friends who they use, or look around at hair when you are at a social event, to determine what you like then ask that person where he or she gets their hair cut. I know this is a long blog, but you can skim through the testimonies if you want.

Baby Time Capsule - Spread Out Photo

Testimonies are the Lifeblood of Businesses

A time capsule is a very precious gift or keepsake that basically sums up your life or milestone moments, to help you remember what you did or experienced in the past. It is priceless. For such special heirloom gift ideas, we want you to turn to your friends or peers and find out what he or she is saying about this unique treasure. Read some of the following testimonies from from parents, grandparents, friends, and family just like you who have proudly purchased a baby or wedding time capsule. These are just a few comments we hear on the phone, when our customers call. We welcome your comments back. Share some of your own testimonies in the comments. We love to hear from our customers.

What our Raving Fans Have to Say – These are testimonials from people just like you and I.

We have heard comments like:

– Best baby shower gift ever
– I cannot thank you enough for helping me preserve my memories in such a cute way.
– I will be telling my friends and family about these gifts.
– This is ideal for someone who does not have time to scrapbook.

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A Special Thanks

If you too would like to be one of our fans of the time capsules, order one at https://www.timecapsule.com, or become a fan of our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalTimeCapsule. We cannot wait so share photos with you there and comment on some of your favorite stories you may share with us. To get ideas of how to use the time capsules, check out our other blogs, or view the testimonial videos under the “Testimonies” tab on our website.

My husband Mark and I would like to say a special big Thank you to all of our fans of the Baby and Wedding Time Capsules. We hope this unique gift has been such a blessing and everlasting precious treasure for you and your future family members for generations to come.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie