Newborn Baby Keepsake Ideas – They Grow Up So Fast

Newborn Baby Keepsake Ideas – They Grow Up So Fast

    Newborn Baby - Keepsake Ideas

    Guess what?


    You are going to be an Aunt again.

    Oh yes! I am so excited. I cannot wait to feel those tiny hands, tickle those feet, buy baby clothes, toys (educational of course), and love on him or her.

    I received this phone call from my younger brother a couple of weeks ago. September is sssooo far away. I cannot wait. So many people say they grow up so fast. That is why I want to make sure I save each minute I can to treasure forever.

    There is nothing like the unknown fun and possibilities, a new life brings into this world.

    What will they be when they grow up?
    What will they like to do?
    Whose life may they impact or save?
    What will be their favorite activity?

    So many pregnant women like to save their baby’s special moments in photos, mementos, cards, letters, etc. Let’s discuss more newborn baby keepsake ideas to help you out. There are so many things to keepsakes to collect, as they grow up. How do you keep everything to show them when they are an adult. What a moment that will be. It may be an embarrassing moment with the bathtub photos, but what laughter and tears of joy will come that day too, when we all reflect on how much they have grown up.

    There are so many memory keeping projects available to do with your newborn. The first year of their life has so many milestone moments, you can create a book of firsts.

    As you prepare yourself for a baby shower for yourself or a loved one, we want to help by providing you a list of great ideas for saving these moments with keepsake ideas.

    Newborn Baby Keepsake Ideas

    There are many helpful websites, but here is one that gives you the top 10 baby keepsakes. Check out the ideas at

    Baby Time Capsule - Spread Out Photo

    Personalized Gifts are the Best

    Do you remember getting that hand-made gift from your child, or making one as a child for your mom or dad? Just looking at them can bring back so many memories of that moment. If that is more your personality of what you want to pass on to your child or a loved one’s child, then check out our Baby Time Capsule. This is a very personalized gift. I know I am for sure giving this gift to my future niece or nephew. It is an all-in-one gift that captures many milestone moments the first year of their birth.

    For the mothers who get tired during the crying at night, sleeplessness, teething problems, it is a way to still create a keepsake and save those special times in between. Don’t miss the good memories by being so tired from the day-to-day exhaustion. Write about these moments in a mommy journal to take out your stress. Then keep this journal in your Baby Time Capsule. The ideas are endless of what to keep in it. Check it out at

    Comment below what your favorite keepsake is, you still have from childhood?

    Making Milestone Moments Count,