Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

As you prepare for the big day, check out these newborn baby gift ideas. What unique and needed items are out there for you to use when your baby is first born?

For this special occasion, most people choose to buy baby clothes, bibs, and cute toys. What else is out there, that mother’s have found creative and useful? The best newborn baby gift ideas are the ones that come from the heart and you get a great deal of usage.

One of the most important newborn gift to get is a baby car seat. After all, the baby does have to get home from the hospital in a safe and cuddly way.

Other unique newborn baby gift ideas.

1. Personalized Items are great ways to help establish your baby’s name in the world. You could get things like a baby blanket or toy that has their name on it. Don’t forget to get a baby book to help capture all the important information of your baby as he or she grows so fast each day. If you feel like you do not have time to do that, make sure you at least write down all the milestone moments (like the date when your baby first walked or ate solid foods.)

Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

2. A Baby night light that matches the baby nursery to help your child feel safe at night.

3. Cute and different baby cribs can help set your nursery apart and have a great focal point for the room. You could even get the crib that grows with the child as they get older and turns into a regular adult bed. What a way to get great use out of that item and it be a very personalized bed as it becomes a lasting memory for them as they grow.

4. It may seem like a luxury, but it is also a necessity for the new mothers who do not want to feel guilt and shame later. You are a busy mother, yet you do not want to miss out on the memories of your child (especially their milestone moments). How cool would it be to share with your baby, years later when he or she is grown up, about what life was like when they were a child? Save time and energy and save their favorite toy, first baby blanket, or shoes in a decorative Baby Time Capsules. It is a faster way to preserve your baby’s memories, compared to scrapbooking. You can get your own cute and unique Baby Time Capsule here.

Put together a Time Capsule

5. Don’t forget the baby stroller. This is something that is needed soon too. You may even be a great friend to someone pregnant and buy their first weeks worth of groceries so they do not have to get out with the newborn. What a great gesture that would be for the mother.

6. Picture frames for those first newborn baby photos.

7. Other necessities include a Nursing pillow to help you nurse your newborn baby. Don’t forget to throw in a peaceful baby music cd for the mother and newborn to listen to, helping the baby fall back asleep.

8. A baby changing mat or table is very important as you will be changing diapers from day one. Include some extra onesies, as the mother will be changing the newborn quite often at first.

9. A diaper bag with all the necessities are also a great gift idea. Include nursing pads, hand sanitizer, diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, toys, etc.

10. A cradle or bouncer with a cute, soft blanket is nice for the newborn too. If you can find one that vibrates it helps your baby fall asleep.

11. Look for a fun play mat to help your newborn baby discover the world of toys and stimulate their brain.

12. Get a baby monitor, so you can always know what is going on with the baby no matter what room you are in.

13. Nursing covers or nursing nightgowns are great to have when the baby is first born too. You will also want to get a breast feeding pump, especially if you are a busy, working mother. It will save you time.

14. Get many burp cloths and bibs so you never have to run out and waste your time washing.

15. The famous baby gift baskets are always fun to put together and give to a mother with a newborn. There are always important newborn necessities you need the first week a baby is born. You can never have too many diapers, so you could also make a diaper cake for the mother. You are guaranteed that this gift will be used. You can include things like the diapers, baby lotion, bottle, pacifier, blanket, baby powder, onesies, socks, etc. Be creative and have fun putting together your basket of love.

For more great ideas, read here. Let us know what were some of your must have, unique newborn baby gifts you received. Comment below.

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