How to Make a New Year’s Time Capsule

How to Make a New Year’s Time Capsule

Learn how to make a New Year’s time capsule and preserve your memories for years. Save your resolutions in the time capsule. A time capsule is a great way to remember where you have been and where you are going in the future. You may have had your ups and downs this year. We all do. Congratulations you are human. How do you as a human, help another human in the future avoid the same mistakes in life? How do you help someone else advance their life more than you? What advice would you give children of the future?

New Year's Time Capsule About Me Questionnaire


A time capsule is a great, creative way to pay it forward or give back to the children of the future world. What have you learned this past year of 2014 to pass on to your own children, or great grandchildren? With so much social media interaction out there now, our conversations can spread to thousands if not millions of people. How do you keep up with all these conversations? How do you capture the most impacting conversations throughout your life? A lot can happen in one year, let alone 5 or 10 years, that can be used to teach our future generations of children.

New Year's Time Capsule

Questions for New Years Time Capsule

So what questions could you ask yourself to help assess this past year? What would you put in a time capsule that commemorates this past year and what life was like for you? Can you imagine opening this New Year’s Time Capsule several years from now, and reading some of your answers to the following questions?

New Year's Time Capsule Questionnaire

– Are you still wanting to be a ________________ when you grow up? (fill in the blank) Are you doing that job now?

– Did you get into that college you wanted to go to?

– Did you pass your license test?

– What is marriage life like this past year?

– How are your parents doing this past year?

– Who are your best friends?

– What was vacation like this past year?

– What are your kids doing this year?

– Did you complete any of your bucket list items this year?

– What were the top stories of the year?

– What was popular this past year? (the latest craze?)

– Did you complete any of your resolutions last year?

– Did you buy anything special this year, that you think will be much cheaper or more expensive years from now? What was it?

– etc.

Any Occasion DIY Time Capsule - Be a Part of History

You can also fill out an autobiography sheet about your hopes for the new year, and your basic information about you. Include things like you height, weight, hand print, favorite hobbies, clubs you are involved in, a picture of yourself with your haircut, a picture of your favorite outfit, and other meaningful photographs. A time capsule is truly an interactive scrap book and keepsake for years to take you back in time to that special moment in life. Get a Free Printable Questionnaire for your New Year’s Time Capsule here.

If you do not want your important mementos and memorabilia destroyed, purchase an “Any Occasion” DIY Time Capsule from and get started today making your own New Years Time Capsule.

Reminisce about all the fun, inspirational, good and bad things that happened over the past year. What you put in your New Years Time Capsule can hold so many answers to your future questions, like where you came from, what helped shape your life experiences, thoughts, values, and feelings. Learn about where all you have traveled in the past, when you open your time capsule. Who all wrote you actual letters or cards in the past year, versus just emailing or texting you?

So what would you put in your New Year’s Time Capsule showcasing this past year? Comment below.


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