How Clothes are Like a Time Capsule

How Clothes are Like a Time Capsule

Clothes are a Time Capsule

How exactly are clothes like a time capsule? Read on to find out. What does you clothes closet look like? Do you still have old clothes from several years ago? I know I do. Recently I pulled out old necklaces and looked at old photos of my grandmother (my mom’s, mom). It is amazing to see the differences in clothing styles then compared to now. Do you ever go shopping and see a shirt and just know or say out loud, “I can so see (insert someone’s name you know) in that shirt?” Have you ever thought about how clothes are like a time capsule. They can tell you about the past era.


Who Influences your Clothing Style?

So when it came time for the fun shopping part of my wedding, I could not wait. Even though my mom and I are close, we are opposite when it comes to clothing likes. She is a plain, Jane kind of girl. I like to have clothes with designs, patterns, and bright colors. I found out from my mom, that apparently I got that from her mom (my grandmother), who wore bright colors all the time. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out from your family history who you dress like? You can find out if you keep pictures, or sample pieces of clothing in your own Family Time Capsule.

Pass your family time capsule down as each new child has a baby themselves, keeping these clothing styles or other interesting facts and stories alive. You can get an “Any Occasion” DIY Time Capsule here and then put a large family photo on the outside of it, or any family photos on the outside of it and decorate it yourself. Then, fill your new Family Time Capsule with fun things you want to look at again years later as a family, reminiscing about what life was like for your family or your grandparents when they were young and cool.

Any Occasion DIY Time Capsule

Styles Come and Go

You can take one trip through a store like Goodwill and know that clothing styles come and go. If you were to put some clothing in a time capsule to let future generations know what’s in style now, what should you put in there? It is always fun to collect old newspaper ads to save over the years and put them in your time capsule too. Not only do they show the clothing style differences, but also the price differences for a shirt over the past years. From Uggs, crocs, to skinny jeans, the ideas are endless laughs waiting to happen in the future. Also if you put a photo or sample piece of a pair of parachute pants in a time capsule, you are asking to be embarrassed for the rest of your life when that time capsule would be opened. I am warning you. These time capsules are a big party of family fun when they are opened.

If you are trying to lose weight like myself, it can also be very fun to take pictures of your clothes over time to see how far you have come, when you open your time capsule years later. Did you gain your weight back, or are you smaller now? Clothes in general can tell you a lot about someone. That is why as teenagers when we are all trying to find our identity, we are working hard to find the ‘perfect’ outfit to make us look good.

Teachable Moments – The Shopping Trip

Keep in mind as parents, the new school clothing shopping trip can be great bonding time with your children. Take advantage of this memory making moment to find out what their style is and learn about them. Do not force your clothing interest ideas on them. If the clothes being picked out are risky and not appropriate, use the opportunity to talk about self esteem, or help them learn how to look cool and confident, instead of yelling at your child for wearing things that you would have never of worn in your generation. When you take the time to determine their style, it makes it easier to pick out clothes for Christmas gifts too.

So how can you turn shopping time into bonding time? Comment below.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie