Creative Ways to Save Money

Creative Ways to Save Money

Looking for creative ways to save money? It is officially Summer and your kids will be home eating more, wanting to go places, and spending more of your money.

Sometimes life hits you hard and you need money. Sometimes you just want to buy or do fun things in life. What are some creative ways you save money?

Not everyone grows up getting things they want. My parents had to be frugal when we grew up. Remember being jealous of some friends growing up getting toys you thought were cool? Things like radio controlled cars, a Nintendo, popular shoes, etc. What was the most popular toy when you were younger? It is amazing how much more our toys cost, as we get older.

My parents instilled in me at a young age, to work hard for things I want. They wanted my brothers and I to have the finer things in life, if possible, as we grew older.

Spring Break Activities - Make a Time Capsule

Besides opening a savings account, here are some creative ways to save money.

1. Buy savings bonds and save them in a time capsule so that the money increases over time.

2. Cut up all your credit cards and force yourself to only use cash for everything. Go back in time before they had credit cards. This will be hard for many people, but it will pay off literally, in the future.

3. Grow your own food. We have an aquaponics garden in which we have saved a lot of money growing fruits and vegetables using fish. Use a dehydrator to make your own minced onions or beef jerky. You can Google “Aquaponics Garden” to learn more about how to do this.

4. Buying meat in bulk is another idea of how to save money. Purchase a whole cow, or split one with your family to share the cost. The meat is much healthier for you too.

5. Make a clothes line to air dry your clothes. Again, go back to the good old day, when dryers did not exist.

Creative Ways to Save Money - Canning with Kids

6. Can your own food. Bring back the olden days and get your grandmother’s canning books out. My husband and I have canned and made homemade jelly. You will not want the store bought kind after you make it. It also makes a great housewarming gift for your new neighbors.

7. Make your own home made recipes like weed killer, insect repellent, or cold remedies. Google and Pinterest is filled with all kinds of these recipes. You can even find DIY cleaning supplies or laundry detergent.

8. Make your own soap or use natural ingredients to make your own hair conditioner. What did your great, great, great grandparents do when they were younger to save money. Bring back some of these ideas and keep them alive in your family generations. Interview your grandparents for more ideas.

9. Make your own ethanol fuel to save on gas. Start reading blogs on how to do this. It will pay off in the future.

10. Give yourself your own haircut. Again, there are many helpful links online to show you how.

Creative Ways to Save Money - Canning Lid Ornament

This is just the beginning of some ideas we have for you. More blogs will come in the future. While doing all these creative things, make sure to make memories with your kids at the same time and pass on these lessons in life, to help them save money in the future as well. Make this fun canning lid ornament as show above. Pass on this legacy of wisdom in a time capsule from


Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie