Baby Keepsake Gifts – Save Your Pregnant Belly Mold Vase to Display

Baby Keepsake Gifts – Save Your Pregnant Belly Mold Vase to Display

Baby Keepsake Gifts - Time Capsule spread out

What a great idea and artistic way to display and remember your pregnancy forever. It is like our time capsules. They are unique ways to save items from those milestone moments in you and your baby’s life.

Nursery of Baby Keepsake Gifts

Give your nursery a sense of history by incorporating artwork or hand-me-down furniture, like your mother’s rocker or a rocking horse, made by someone special in the family. You do not want to forget the process and miracle of birth, as soon as your baby is born. So, save this time of memories with items you used while pregnant, in a time capsule, or capture the moment with this pregnancy artistic vase. Every time capsule and each of these blown glass belly bowls hold a story. Check out this company’s (BelliVita) unique display of art at These are absolutely beautiful.

Belly -1

See a video of the process to make this artistic heirloom gift on their website at BelliVita. What a creative baby keepsake gift.

Belly -2

This would be a beautiful vase to display in your baby nursery. There are many different ideas about how to decorate your baby nursery. It is important how you set up your nursery, because it helps set the mood for you and your baby’s personality. You will be spending a lot of time in their nursery, so make it an enjoyable view to look at. You also need to make sure it is safe, warm, comfortable, and functional for you and your new baby.

This is truly an art that captures life of the baby before his or her first breath. This belly bowl itself, is breathtaking.

Baby keepsake gift - Baby Time Capsule

Similarly the moment when your child opens their time capsule, after you have captured their favorite childhood memories and nostalgic items. Their face is priceless, as they look at what life was like when they were born. It is a moment to have special family and friends over, as they open their own Baby Time Capsule, as their 18th Birthday party for example. Make sure you have your video camera ready, as you will be as excited to see the revealing of what is inside their time capsule, as you were when he or she was first born. Order your priceless baby keepsake gift or decorative Baby Time Capsule now at

What is one item you are putting in your nursery, as an artistic piece to enjoy? Comment below.

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