6 Ways to Not Lose your Valuables

6 Ways to Not Lose your Valuables

6 Ways to Not Lose your Valuables

Let’s learn about 6 ways to not lose your valuables.

I can’t find it. I just can’t find it. What am I going to do? Have you ever had the moment when you thought you had your credit card or purse with you one moment, and then the next thing you know it is gone? It is such a scary moment. An adrenaline rush as you are standing in line waiting to pay for those items you want and/or need.

Have you every had that moment when you didn’t realize how valuable something was until it was gone? There are many things in life that if I lost, I think I would lose my mind. For example, I do not know what I would do if I lost my cell phone. This has happened to some people I know. We keep so many valuables in our phones nowadays. We save our precious photos, key contacts, important text messages, videos, etc. What is so precious to you that you keep in your cell phone?

Here are some suggestions to make sure you don’t ever lose your most prized possessions:

  1. Get a digital dropbox online to save your valuable items that you save on a hard drive (documents, websites, pictures, files, etc).
  2. Get a fire and flood safety box to save important paperwork like titles to your car, insurance policies, stocks/bonds, money, passports, birth certificates, tax returns, heirloom items.
  3. Install a home burglar system. Granted, they can be expensive, but the relief in being able to sleep each night knowing nothing will be stolen from you is priceless.
  4. Have you ever lost your keys to your car or home? Do not just hide them under a door mat or planter near your door. Put them somewhere that is unpredictable for a robber. Give a spare set of keys to a family member, friend, or neighbor you trust.
  5.  Install an app or sensor key that will help you find your cell phone when you lose it. I am speaking from experience, that this works wonderfully. I am busy like so many of you and get distracted by projects and to do lists throughout the day. Attach Cobra Tag or PhoneHalo to your valuables, like your phone. Install this technology to help ring your phone when you cannot find it. You will thank yourself later when you lose your cell phone. There are also similar devices for your wallet called Wallet TrackR.

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  1. What about the valuables when you were a child? How do you preserve your most treasured memories that may not fit in a scrapbook? For example, what if your father gave your newborn baby a legacy gift of his to keep in the family, like an heirloom pocket watch, or original recipe for famous restaurant that your family may start some day? Where do you keep it all safe? The most creative answer we have for you is put it in a decorative Baby Time Capsule.

We live in a hectic, busy world some times and we forget to slow down to think about how we are going to protect our daily valuables. Use some of these suggestions because we do not want you to go into panic mode next time you lose your keys, phone, or most prized possessions from your childhood.

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