3 Things Kids of Today will Never Experience

3 Things Kids of Today will Never Experience

Good Old Days - Remember Texting

What are some things you can think of that kids of today will never experience? Ok, so I finally saved enough money to buy my very first car. I knew there was no way my parents would buy me a car. I wanted to look cool. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to have a car by my 16th birthday too, just like everyone else. It was nothing fancy, but I was proud not necessarily because I had a car, but because I worked hard helping my parents with chores at home, and at my job to save enough money to buy an old ’87 white Ford Tempo. My work ethic has not stopped, and I am forever grateful to my parents for that. I have learned so much from my good old days.

One day I was on my way to youth group at church, and my car died. Does anyone remember the days of having to use a pay phone (if you could find a working one), just to call for someone like your dad, to come and save the day? That is exactly what I had to do. I got out of my car, walked a ways down the road to a gas station, and had to use a pay phone. I did not have a convenient cell phone back then.

Remember the Good Old Days

Do you miss the good old days? I know I do. There are many things that come to mind when people just mention the 80’s or 90’s. There were good and bad memories tied into these times. It always starts with a parent or grandparent saying, “I remember when I was a kid…” and then my cousins and I would fill in the sentence saying, “…you walked up the hill both ways to go to school.” Then, that was always followed by a big laugh.

I cannot believe that I am now old enough to be telling stories of ‘the good old days.’ That was never suppose to happen to me. I was suppose to stay young forever. Times really have changed. I remember telling my parents when I was in high-school, “Mom, Dad, if this is how the world is now, what will it be like when I have kids?”  My parents told me later, it was a wise, scary question for a young teenager to be thinking about.

I have always been the person who thinks about the future. The person who makes decisions based on what will be the consequences or rewards, in the future, if I make this choice in my life now. I know not everyone is like that, but when you grow up in a family that does not have much, you tell yourself at a young age that you never want to live like this in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond grateful for not having much, because it pushed me more to work hard to acquire much in the future. It seems like in my family who could not afford the latest and greatest video games, time was slower because we were able to concentrate on being more creative with each other. My brothers and I had to come up with creative games to play. We had to learn how to make chores fun, to the point that we ended up wanting to do them for free for our parents out of respect and boredom sometimes.

Remember the Good Old Days

1. A World Without Cell Phones and Computers

Soon there will no longer be a generation who remembers growing up without cell phones and computers. What a scary thought. Remember when the hashtag sign, actually meant pound. So how long do you think it will take for a phone auto attendant to say push “hashtag” instead of “pound” to reach whomever you are trying to call or your account information. I also remember constant yelling in our house back and forth between my brothers and I, “get off the internet, so I can use the phone.” I am not even going to bring up how long it took to download songs on the internet in the past.

2. Black and White TVs

Who remembers the TV when it was black and white? Who remembers renting VCR tapes, instead of DVD’s? Who would have thought that you can now watch so many movies and tv shows off of your computer, let alone for free now. I remember the saying on the VCR tapes that said, ‘Please be kind, Rewind.’ Hopefully I am not giving away my age too much.

3. A World Without GPS

Who remembers having to pull out the big, bulky folding map or atlas in the car just to find out where you were, let alone where you were going? We did not have GPS back in the past. I guess the long lost joke about a guy never stopping to ask someone for directions is no longer needed, since everyone has a GPS now. Forget about even trying to fold your map back up when you are done. It is so convenient now to just turn your GPS off when you are done using it.

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So what do you remember from your ‘good old days’ that kids of today will not experience? Comment below.


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