11 Unique Ways to Entertain Guests at the Wedding

11 Unique Ways to Entertain Guests at the Wedding

As I was making preparations and shopping around for my wedding day, I was only focusing on myself. What about the guests? As women, we dream about this big day since childhood, so we want everything to go perfectly. How do you pass the time for the guests though, while they wait on you to get all your photography done at your wedding?

There are so many thoughts that can go through your mind, as you are preparing for your wedding and marriage. So what do you do for the guests, before you walk down that aisle? I know you have friends and family members who have made a great impact on your decision to marry this special person. There are many people who have helped shape who you are to this day. So how do you say thank you to them and keep them entertained during your wedding day?

Cool and Fun Entertainment for your Wedding

1. Have a fun time of karaoke and even include fun prizes after having the guests vote on the best person who sang for the night.

2. Hire a party magician or have someone you know take the time to learn a few simple magic tricks from you tube videos, to try at your wedding reception.

3. Have guests sign their names on fun guest books or picture frames where they can leave special notes. You could also have guests place their fingerprints on a pre-done family tree. Have them write their names next to their fingerprints on the tree as seen below in this picture.

Wedding Guest Ideas


4. Hire a DJ, band, or other local music group that appeals to everyone. Think about how involved you want your musician to be. Do you want someone who will play games or play fun dancing music, or do you want more classical style music the whole time?

5. How do you involve the children in your wedding? Besides the obvious ring bearer and flower girl, there are other ways to entertain the children at your wedding. Put together inexpensive goodie bags or activity kits with coloring books, crayons, or small toys from your local dollar store.

6. For the table centerpieces at your reception, include a photo of the couple throughout their years of growing up or knowing each other. Then have guests write about a funny or memorable story about one of them on a quick note to include in the couple’s Wedding Time Capsule to read year later.

Entertain Wedding Guests


7. Set out board games for guests to have fun playing. You could even set up the board game table with decorative picture frames of the couple playing them before they were married. Also include a sign that says most favorite board game for the bride and groom.

8. Shoot off fireworks if your wedding day goes into the evening, for fun entertainment for everyone. You could also include an outdoor movie time before watching the fireworks.

9. Include disposable cameras on each table at the reception. You can never get enough photos of all the fun moments happening at the wedding. The cameras also help the couple make sure they do not miss a thing on their special day.

10. Place “Message to the Future” letters on each plate on the reception tables. Have the guests take a few minutes and write out their predictions of where they see the couple in a few years. You could also write about how many kids you think they will have, where they will live in the future, and other fun memories you have about each of them. Place the letters in a decorative Wedding Time Capsule from www.timecapsule.com or set up a nice display like this photo, to transfer all the letters to the time capsule right before they leave for their honeymoon. They can open their time capsule years later on a special anniversary, to read all your letters and reminisce about the day they were married.

Entertain Guests Time Capsule

Photo Credit: Summer Street Photography

11. Have guest write on slips of paper, date ideas to include in their decorative Wedding Time Capsule. The happy couple can pull one piece of paper out per month for special tips of places to go or things to do for a date. For more great ideas of how to make this check out our blog about it here.

Wedding Time Capsule with Date Ideas

So, what are some other fun, entertaining ideas you can think of to keep your guests occupied? Share below in the comments.

Making Milestone Moments Count,

– Marcie