10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Romantic Marriage Proposal - Valentine's Day

Are you looking for proposal ideas? So the big Valentine’s Day is coming soon. What are you going to do? Keep reading for one of the most romantic wedding proposal idea ever. It is sure to be a proposal idea to last for years into the future. Many women are expecting that they will be proposed to on Valentine’s Day, so show her an unexpected proposal with one of these creative ideas.

10 Great Proposal Ideas 

1. If you are in the Midwest states currently, there is a lot of snow to be creative with. You could make a snow angel, and then propose using a stick to write will you be and angel and marry me, in the snow. How romantic is that. Make sure to take a picture of your winter wonderland art work to save in a large picture frame for your home to hang on the wall, as a memory, after you get married.

2. If you are the artistic type, write her a personal song to sing. Make sure to record her reaction to you while you are singing the song, then ask her to marry you at the end of the song. You could even add lyrics that tell about the story of your life together so far.

Wedding Day Mementos - wedding time capsule

3. Take your fiance on a stroll down memory lane. Make a weekend out of it, and take her to several of the favorite places you visited together. Go backwards in time and stop at each place, eventually stopping at the one place where you first met each other. What a great way to show her how much you remember about the relationship. Then, to top it off, pull out a decorative Wedding Time Capsule which holds your engagement ring in it. Explain to her that you have enjoyed the many great memories at each of these places together in the past, but cannot wait to fill this time capsule together with ‘our’ story. Then ask, “Will you marry me?” How can she say no to that? Get your own Wedding Time Capsule here.

4. Of course you can always take a long walk on the beach, ending with a proposal. You could add a special touch, by putting a message in a bottle together, then send it out to sea together. Who know who may one day find that bottle. Inspire that person together as a couple, and tell them you just got engaged. What advice would you offer this person or what would you tell this person about the world today? What a great romantic idea to start your marriage journey together.

5. For the person who wants to make a very public proposal, you could always go to your favorite restaurant or the restaurant from your first date together. If your first date was at a movie theater, you can sometimes rent ad space before movies start and use that to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Again, just make sure to record her reaction, so you have this moment saved forever. You could even save the video in your own Wedding Time Capsule. Then on your 10th or 25th anniversary, watch the video again and reminisce about what life was like the year you proposed.

6. Set up a scavenger hunt, making her find clues to find the ring. You could even set up the scavenger hunt, so that she has to visit all the special places where you both created many memories together, like where you had your first dance, first kiss, first hay ride together, etc. End the scavenger hunt with her finding the last clue in the Wedding Time Capsule and you down on one knee. Tell her she found the grand prize at the end of the scavenger hunt…the ring.

Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

7. Involve your pets, and tie a ring onto their collar, then have the cat or dog bring the ring to your girlfriend or boyfriend along with a note that says how much you love him or her. How cute is that idea? Check out The Knot for more great ideas like this one, here.

8. Fill a room all the way with balloons. Include a love note or one sentence note in each balloon. She has to pop each one to read the message. Then, have a last special balloon in the corner of the room with the ring in it. Before she pops the last one, get on one knee and propose to her.

9. Set up a romantic room full of candles that spell out the words “Will You Marry Me?” Don’t forget to include the rose pedals all over the floor too.

10. Involve sports or your favorite board game. Tie in your own interests and personality to your proposal. For example, if you are both lovers of baseball, you may just ask the local baseball team to let you make the first pitch of the night and announce that you caught the lover of your soul and then ask your girlfriend or boyfriend to marry you in front of everyone at the big game.

Whatever idea you choose, I know it will be a moment you will never forget.

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